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  • Peter Milnes

    OUR PEOPLE Search Our strength lies in our people whose expertise and commitment enable us to provide a top quality pro-active tailored service in every office. By forename... Select person... By surname... Select person... Reset Filters By expertise... Select expertise... Peter Milnes Partner +65 6908 8878 Rawlinson & Hunter’s Singapore office is headed by our resident Director Peter Milnes. He has over 20 years of international experience focused in Asia and the Middle East. Peter has extensive experience in statutory accounting in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, UK, US, UAE and France, as well as in depth knowledge of trust accounting and tax structuring in various jurisdictions. Familiar with management reporting in both large MNC’s and smaller organisations, Peter has a unique skill base and understanding of the accounting and structuring requirements of large organisations, family offices and boutique enterprises. Peter is a Fellow Management Accountant (FCMA/CGMA) and a Chartered Accountant of Singapore, with degrees in Economics and Economic History, and has wide-ranging experience working for family offices and major financial institutions. Peter is also TEP qualified and a member of the STEP Professional Standards Committee. Expertise

  • Advisory | Rawlinson & Hunter | Singapore

    ADVISORY Prosperity should bring freedom, but more often the opposite is the case. The greater the wealth, the greater the responsibilities and the rules that seem to restrict the enjoyment of them. Especially taxes. Our skill lies in maximising the benefits that wealth can bring, by protecting it and allowing it to do what it was always supposed to do – to be enjoyed by the individuals who own it. ​ Our offices probably contain a greater concentration of international advisory expertise than any other firm, anywhere in the world. Our reputation as experts in this field has brought us family and corporate clients in every continent, almost entirely by personal recommendation. ​ We will need to get to know you, your family, your business and your individual aims and requirements. You will need to get to know us and trust us. We can then provide you with a solution uniquely suited to your situation and to your needs. Our Specialists

  • LEGAL | Singapore

    LEGAL Rawlinson & Hunter International is a grouping of independent firms with members throughout the world. It is not a legal entity in its own right and does not offer professional services in its own name. Each independent member of Rawlinson & Hunter International is a separate firm. These firms are not members of one international partnership or group, or otherwise necessarily legal partners or members with each other, nor is any one firm responsible for the services or activities of any other. Firms in certain jurisdictions offer services through a partnership structure or through the medium of limited liability vehicles, or both, depending on the nature of services offered. The partners and directors of each of the firms within the Rawlinson & Hunter grouping pride themselves on the shared ethos and quality of advice given across the Rawlinson & Hunter grouping. As a result, use is made throughout this website of the expressions “our” and “we” in reference to the service provided by each of the Rawlinson & Hunter firms. This should not be construed as Rawlinson & Hunter International existing as a single entity. Although the firms carry the same name, there is no common ownership among the firms of Rawlinson & Hunter International. This website is designed for the information of readers. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, information contained on the site may not be comprehensive and readers should not act upon it without seeking professional advice. The application and impact of the laws can vary widely from case to case, based upon the specific or unique facts involved. Accordingly, the information in this site is not intended to serve as legal, accounting, financial or tax advice. Users are encouraged to consult with professional advisers at their local Rawlinson & Hunter International office for advice concerning specific matters before making any decision. A list of legal partners and directors of that office can only be obtained from that office and nothing in this website shall imply that any other persons mentioned herein are partners or members of that office. R&H Trust Co. (Singapore) Pte. Limited is a trust company incorporated in Singapore and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and we are proud members of the Singapore Trustees Association. Rawlinson & Hunter (Singapore) Pte. Limited is regulated by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority to provide corporate secretarial services.

  • CONTACT | Singapore

    CONTACT US Office Address Singapore ​ Rawlinson & Hunter (Singapore) Pte Ltd R&H Trust Co. (Singapore) Pte Ltd ​ 30 Cecil Street #18-02 & 03 Prudential Tower Singapore 049712 T +65 6908 8870 E

  • Corporate Tax | Rawlinson & Hunter | Singapore

    CORPORATE TAX We offer specialist corporate tax advice in Singapore, with a particular focus on family office structuring and administration. Furthermore, because of the international nature of the Rawlinson & Hunter network, our specialists are able to advise on complex cross-border structures particularly in conjunction with the expertise of our UK and Australian offices to allow companies to operate in a way which is tax efficient to the individual circumstances of their shareholders. ​ Our specialists can offer advice on all aspects of business taxation, withholding tax, property tax, from partnership changes and incorporation to acquisitions and remuneration packages for employees and directors. Our Specialists


    REGISTERED OFFICES Singapore ​ Rawlinson & Hunter (Singapore) Pte Ltd R&H Trust Co. (Singapore) Pte Ltd ​ 30 Cecil Street #18-02 & 03 Prudential Tower Singapore 049712

  • Companies & Partnerships | Rawlinson & Hunter | Singapore

    COMPANIES & PARTNERSHIPS Companies and partnerships are flexible vehicles that can be used and integrated into a wide variety of asset management and asset protection structures and tax planning structures. ​ They are sometimes used on their own but more commonly used together with other vehicles. The combination with a trust, for example, often provides more effective protection as well as greater flexibility. ​ Many jurisdictions are introducing new legislation designed for international business needs and the types and nature of companies and partnerships available in those jurisdictions should be considered as well as other matters such as infrastructure and stability. With offices in many of the jurisdictions featuring specialised company and partnership laws, we are well placed to meet most client requirements. ​ We provide a comprehensive range of corporate and partnership services and are able to assist with all matters relating to the establishment, administration and management of companies and partnerships in all the major jurisdictions. ​ As we are completely independent and we are not tied to any other service provider, we are able to offer our clients unfettered choice in selecting third party providers and working with other professional advisers. ​ We aim to offer the highest level of personal service as our culture is all about building long term relationships. Many of our clients have been with us, not just for years, but for generations. Our Specialists

  • Trusts | Rawlinson & Hunter | Singapore

    TRUSTS We recognise that behind every trust or foundation is a family, with its individual issues and aims, ranging from the preservation of the family business or its inherited wealth, to matters of potential conflict within a family, such as generational change or divorce. ​ Our partners are experienced in dealing sensitively with the pressures faced by such families, and fully accept the demands of a trustee’s role. They are used to dealing with the demands of multiple jurisdictions and the complex regulatory, tax and reporting requirements involved. They actively seek solutions tailored to ensure that, while the trust assets are preserved and can grow, the beneficiaries interests are maintained. They understand that full accountability and efficient administration are essential, coupled with an ability to deal sensitively with beneficiaries at every stage in life. Our Specialists

  • Candy Yang

    OUR PEOPLE Search Our strength lies in our people whose expertise and commitment enable us to provide a top quality pro-active tailored service in every office. By forename... Select person... By surname... Select person... Reset Filters By expertise... Select expertise... Candy Yang Trust Director +65 6908 7621 Candy has over ten years of experience and had headed a team of trust officers in providing trust administration services for high-net-worth private clients and has handled various complex trust structures. She truly believes that the core of providing excellent services is to understand the needs of the clients through regular meetings whilst maintaining the commitments in ensuring that the applicable regulatory and legislative environment worldwide have been met. Candy is a Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP) and is a member of The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP). Expertise

  • Singapore | Rawlinson & Hunter | Singapore

    SINGAPORE Singapore is a major international financial centre located in South East Asia. Its remarkable growth story since independence in 1965 is such that Singapore is now a major international player in financial services, shipping, banking, manufacturing, and research & development. Indeed Singapore is recognised as the world’s 4th leading financial centre and its port is one of the five busiest in the world. Regularly voted as one the most business friendly jurisdictions in the world, Singapore is now seen as the most attractive base for Asian operations for many banks, hedge funds, and family offices. Singapore’s ability to attract private and institutional investors is based on its ability to demonstrate key attributes: ​ • Common law legal framework; • Excellent infrastructure; • Economic, social and political stability; • Corporate legal structure that is conducive to business; • Geographical location; • World class regulation; • Tax treaties in place with many of its Asian neighbours, as well as internationally; and • Attractive corporate tax rates. The majority of the world’s major banks, legal firms, and financial ser vices professionals have a presence in Singapore, and many consider Singapore to be their Asia Pacific Head Office. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is the integrated regulator and supervisor of financial institutions in Singapore. Singapore has established strict and rigorous anti-money laundering regulations and is countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) regimes through its comprehensive and sound legal, institutional, policy and supervisory framework. As a member of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), Singapore also contributes actively towards international AML/CFT standard-setting discussions

  • PRIVACY | Singapore

    PRIVACY The only personal data that this website can collect is i f you choose to send us an email using one of the email addresses listed on the site. This email address will only be used to correspond with you. ​​ If you have any concerns or questions about the data that we collect and use for the client services we are providing then please contact the partner or director in the local office that provides the service to you.

  • Claire Corden

    OUR PEOPLE Search Our strength lies in our people whose expertise and commitment enable us to provide a top quality pro-active tailored service in every office. By forename... Select person... By surname... Select person... Reset Filters By expertise... Select expertise... Claire Corden Director +65 6908 8874 Claire Corden leads the accounting team in Singapore and ensures the team provides accurate and timely corporate services for clients, in accordance with relevant Financial Reporting Standards.Her international accounting career started in 2001 focusing on Singapore and UK but she also has experience with businesses in the rest of Asia, US and Australia. In 2009 she launched an outsourced accounting firm and has been working in the field ever since handling several businesses concurrently and always delivering to agreed deadlines. Her skills include creating, improving and managing business processes within fast growing enterprises and new start-ups. She has expertise in day to day accounting and general administration, which leads into a comprehensive & timely creation of financial reporting to suit the needs of every level of management within an organisation. She is on hand to address any finance queries, by being able to pull on a wealth of knowledge and experience from around the group. She holds a Bachelors degree in Business Studies. Expertise

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